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On July 31st I'll be blogging to raise money for RAINN ( My problem? No one has pledged anything! :C Anything can help! Even if it's just a dollar, it's something. Now granted, I know not everyone has the means to donate/pledge, I'm just saying, even if it's just a little bit it will help.

Let me answer some questions! :)

What is RAINN?
RAINN is the Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network.

Where will my money go?
Best seen here => []

What does it mean if I pledge?
That means you can offer any amount to donate, but you don't have to pay it unless I make the full 24 hour blogging period! :) Say you pledge 5 dollars if I make the 24 hours, and I only make it 12, then I would not expect you to donate anything.

What type of payments can you take?
The donation page will take credit card OR paypal! They also take money orders and checks.

Where do I donate?
I have a RAINNmakers page here: [] Which has a donation option on the bottom left. :)


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