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On July 31st I'll be blogging to raise money for RAINN (http://rainn.org/). My problem? No one has pledged anything! :C Anything can help! Even if it's just a dollar, it's something. Now granted, I know not everyone has the means to donate/pledge, I'm just saying, even if it's just a little bit it will help.

Let me answer some questions! :)

What is RAINN?
RAINN is the Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network.

Where will my money go?
Best seen here => [http://rainn.org/where-your-money-goes]

What does it mean if I pledge?
That means you can offer any amount to donate, but you don't have to pay it unless I make the full 24 hour blogging period! :) Say you pledge 5 dollars if I make the 24 hours, and I only make it 12, then I would not expect you to donate anything.

What type of payments can you take?
The donation page will take credit card OR paypal! They also take money orders and checks.

Where do I donate?
I have a RAINNmakers page here: [http://rainnmakers.rainn.org/tarynburt] Which has a donation option on the bottom left. :)

Blogathon 2010
I've finally gotten an answer about blogathon and I may just be taking in/confirming donations myself, but GODDAMMIT I will do this!!

JULY 31st for 24 hours I will be blogging every thirty minutes to raise money for RAINN (Rape, Abuse, Incest National Network). http://rainn.org/ The way this works is YOU pledge to either donate a specific amount based on if I actually complete the 24 hours! :) If I don't make it you aren't "required" to donate, but it's still greatly appreciated. Alternately, you can also do a smaller pledge by post. :) Of course that's 49 posts, but you could do something like 50 cents per post. :3 (Which would be about $25 by the way)

Anyway, this is the blog where all the magic will happen! See you on the morning on July 31st! \o/

Late Night Cheerleader
:) For all your blogathoners out there: I'm here to help you pull through the night. ^__^ I may have been too late to sign up for the thon but I can at least help y'all stay awake! So this is my official post to let y'all know I'm here for you! I don't really have any money to sponsor anyone, so this is the best way I can help. ^__^

Blogs I'm following:
http://spuddybuddies.com/ http://featherjean.livejournal.com/ http://pamelaperez.wordpress.com/ http://hip2bmom.com/ http://irblogging.com/ http://juliet42.livejournal.com/ http://khouria.wordpress.com/ http://cancerdreamer.insanejournal.com/ http://quothstheraven.com/ http://thisfinemess.wordpress.com/

Gimme your links and I'll add you in! :D 

This is it!
See you next year where I'll have a real blog going instead of the nonblog. :p

I think this clip fro El Goonish Shive sums it up pretty well:

My favorite picture ever
of me. :D It's like over 4 years old I think...

One more post after this! :D

A fake ad
for a company that doesn't exist! I made this for fun a couple years ago. Whee!

This is either my second to last or third to last, not sure which.

OLD Webcomic Idea
A very old one. Called Mighty Mediocres. Which was about superheros with really lame powers. They were:

The Shuffler (with the power to shuffle cards):

Gumshot (I don't even remember her power...something to do with gum):

Blinky (kinda like spiderman, but instead of webs it was christmas lights):

Confusion Boy Lass (name from my dad - can change gender at will):

Chameleon (could generate any clothes on anyone):


Sonata Designs
Sonata Designs is the company I run all my stuff under. Fashion design, jewelry, web design, face painting, etc.

This is the logo my dad and I made together. I came up with the name because of our cat, who was in turn named after a cat guy in a video game. :) But I also like music so I went with that aspect of it.

If you ever want anything creative or just wanna keep track of my art, I'm on DA and SA.

Also, if you see anyone named mokia_sinhall anywhere, it's probably me. :D

A Monitor
Not a hall monitor... or a screen monitor!

They asked me if next year I'd be a monitor for the blogathon! :D Awesomesauce!

Lend me your rears!
I mean ears!! >_> That coulda been awkward. :p

This is my ear. I posted it for someone's blog. XD


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